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9 Secrets for Dressing Well

9 Secrets for Dressing Well



Are you not envious of some men who wear awesome clothes? It looks like they were born with the ability to dress well but you, on the other hand, just can’t get it regardless of whatever you try.


“Why can’t I dress well, it comes so easily to others-what do I lack?” you may have thought often. And you are not alone; many men suffer because they were not taught to dress well.


Your parents taught you how to dress and they most probably chose the clothes for you themselves until you were in your late teens. They also probably did not transfer their sense of style to you.


Another big factor is the amount of misconceptions you have picked up over the years-like wear a suit and you will look amazing. Overtime, these have been engrained in your sense of style and now you wonder why you can’t dress well.


The internet has made it worse. The amount of misinformation on the internet about men’s apparel is staggering. Every day, the internet misleads men on how to dress well. I can even wager that some of the misconceptions you currently have are due to the internet.


Don’t worry, it’s not your fault; even better, it can be rectified.


Read on and learn the 9 secrets which will get you on the road of dressing well. The people who dress well follow these as well either consciously or subconsciously.


  1. There is a difference between dressing up and dressing well


You could dress up as much as you want, wear a thousand dollar suit or get that leather jacket but that absolutely does not guarantee you will look any better.


This is a common misconception-dressing up will make you look good-but it is not true. Too many men suffer from believing in this misconception but you don’t have to any more.


To get started, you can just improve what you are wearing right now. Is to too loose or too tight, then you have your answer-get it in a better size. Is it too childish, maybe there is a skull on the back of your shirt or the colour is a tad bit too vibrant; get it replaced and get something more mature.




  1. Clothes that fit well are worth more than clothes that don't fit well


A surprising majority undervalue clothes that fit well; people tend to go for quantity over quality-quality, in this case, meaning how well the clothes fit on you.


Fitting is crucial! I can’t stress this enough. Fitting has a great say in whether you look awesome in your clothes or you look plain sloppy in them.


If you find readymade clothes that fit you well without any adjustment, you are one lucky person; for the majority of us, we can’t find readymade clothes that fit us well.


Tailoring clothes is the way to get a good fit yet most people just don’t bother. Like I said before, they would rather buy another shirt than tailor an existing shirt to fit them well.


  1. Greyscale makes dressing easy.


Dressing well is a skill. You can’t just learn to dress well overnight, it is a process.


As a kid, I first learned to draw then color not vice versa. If you want to start dressing well, start with neutral colors and then eventually move onto the full palette of colors, taking it slow.


A lot of men have a hard time dealing with contrast and matching colors; in some cases, people, who attempt to match colors, end up looking foolish.


You can delay this problem by initially only sticking to neutral colors like white, grey and khaki. With colors out of the way, focus on getting the perfect fit-it won’t matter if you wear brilliantly paired clothes unless you get the fitting right.


Then slowly bring color into your dressing. The first step could be tinkering with the color of your shirt while keeping the rest of the outfit neutral.



  1. You don't want to be unique


I know, this sounds counterintuitive but it is correct.


Most men wanting to dress better go for dressing uniquely but this is the wrong approach. What happens most of the time with these men is that they end up looking worse than before- something you definitely want to avoid.


A good start for anyone wanting to crank up his style a bit is basic clothing that just doesn’t go out of fashion, these can include navy blazers and plain white shirts.


Another misconception that haunts men is that personal style comes from being unique. Personal style, instead comes from knowing what suits you and what doesn’t-you figure that out and you are halfway there.


And as with any skill, as you master it, you can start making your own touches and this will further enhance your personal style.  


  1. Some clothes can exaggerate some of your physical properties


Clothes can influence how you look, both for the better and for the worse. You want to choose the right type of clothes to look better.


Billowing shirts tend to make larger men look even larger and skinnier men even skinnier. You would want to avoid these unless you are of average size.


Horizontal patterns make smaller men look even smaller so avoid them if you are on the smaller side. A lack of them will make a tall man look even taller so wear horizontal patterns if you are on the taller side.


A well fitted jacket and a pair of high-rise pants are a good outfit for large men as they will look slimmer in this.


On the other hand, if you are skinny, go for checked patterns, whether on a shirt or a sweater, these will make you look more normal.


Vertical stripes are great for smaller people as they tend to make them look taller.


Horizontal stripes prevent the feeling of towering so they are recommended for tall people.


A man’s apparel can influence how he looks after all!


Determine which clothes bring out your strong features and play(ware) to your strengths.


  1. Details are not everything


Another misconception is that style is in the details.


Details are important but they are not everything!


Most men, who take this advice, focus on only the details and leave the big parts the same. And, if my knowledge is correct, they need something closer to an overhaul than a few tweaks to look good.


Your foremost priority should be ensuring that your outfit looks good as a whole, make sure you don’t wear tees with a dress pant-leave the details for later.


Focus on the fitting, focus on the colors and contrast and focus on what clothes you wear.


  1. A few right clothes offer more variety than a full wardrobe


Who wants to wear the same clothes every day? No one wants to and that’s why people want grand wardrobes, so they wear a new outfit every day.


But guess what, you don’t need an overflowing wardrobe to look fresh every day-yes, you read that right.


Choose the right clothes and wear them smartly and VOILA, you can look different every day with a modest amount of clothes, no need to spend a fortune on clothes.


You may wonder how is that possible. The trick is simple, once you learn it, you will question yourself, “Why did not I think of that myself?”


The trick is that when you add a new item to your wardrobe, make sure it goes with, preferably, many or at least some existing items you own.


For example, if you buy a new shirt, make sure that the pants you already own can be worn with the new shirt; in this way you can create a great variety by just changing the pants and keeping the shirt the constant.


Neutral items are great for this purpose as they go with almost all colors.


  1. You don't need a fortune to rebuild your wardrobe


As you dress better and better and keep learning the skill of dressing well, you will eventually need a wardrobe upgrade or even a complete overhaul.


It is not uncommon for people to associate shopping with a high expense and that is because they shop the wrong way. Going cloth shopping once a year and spending a fortune is not the ideal way to shop for clothes.It is also not necessary to buy the most expensive clothes as well.


The ideal way is to go shopping once a month and to buy only a few items instead of trying to replace your wardrobe at once. If you do this, you will be amazed at just how affordable cloth shopping can be if done the right way.


Affordable clothes can be great too. I would recommend trying some more affordable options and see how they look before you break your bank on the top stuff.


Another great tip is to allocate a part of your monthly wage to cloth shopping and use it to buy a few clothes that fit well. After a few months, you will have great clothes for every occasion from a business casual to a party.


  1. Dress to Express rather than Dress to Impress


The most commonly repeated as well as the most useless misconception I have come across is “Dress to impress.”


It’s a useless tip. Just think for a moment, how would you know about the people you will meet for the first time? Will you use telepathy to learn about them?


What I think is a more useful tip is “Dress to express.”


If you think of your clothes as a part of you, you can use them, like your speech and body language, to communicate confidence or friendliness or whatever you want.


Think of the occasion, what do you want other people to think about you and dress appropriately. If it is a business casual meeting, do you want to look professional or friendly or even both-use your outfit to express those attributes.


As you have probably realised, dressing well isn't hard so start now.


Dressing well is a skill and you have to learn it step by step. Start with neutral colors and like in a game; unlock new colors one by one. Apply the same analogy to clothes, start with the classic, timeless pieces.


Get the clothes which fit you well even if it means investing in a tailor. Be sure to choose the right type of clothes which will downplay the physical properties of your choice. As you progress, fix the details as well-just don’t get side-tracked by the detailsin the beginning.


If you want to rebuild your wardrobe, buy a few items a month and ensure that each item you buy goes with your existing wardrobe.


If you follow these 9 steps, you will be dressing like a champ in no time. Who knows, soon others could be envious of your dressing as well.





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