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As a man, dressing well or looking stylish doesn’t require tremendous effort. Plenty men’s style magazines and fashion blogs advise that you move along with current fashion trends or dress in a certain way in order to look fashionable; this is often not true. The truth is that there are a lot of easier and quicker ways you can look stylish as a man with very minimal effort.


If you have made the decision to change your style of dressing and you want to start dressing in style then you have to start from scratch. Forget most of the things you think you know and apply some or all of the tips listed here to your daily life. It doesn’t mean that you have to discard all of your clothes, but you may have to change most of them. Focus on learning the basic and in no time you will become a fashion pro.


If you are looking to make a fashion statement or make a great first impression or you simply just want to look good wherever you find yourself then this article is for you. In this post we put together a list of practical, easy-to-do and adaptable men’s style tips. Irrespective of your fashion style, dressing preference or size you will find great useful tips that you can take out and apply to your style of dressing.


Here are the tips:



Dressing maturely can mean different things to different men but it is probably the single most important fashion tip. Dressing maturely commands respect and that is a quality that is very attractive in men. When shopping for cloths or dressing up, your aim should be to look mature. However a lot of men take this advice from the wrong angle. Many men think that dressing maturely implies that they have to dress up like older people or ignore fashion trends in order have a more matured look, this is not true. You can adapt to any style of dressing and still have a much matured look if you aim for it.


There are a lot of ways you can go about this, wearing a shirt and pants with or without a tie or even with a suit is one of the easy ways you can dress and look matured instantly. Apart from commanding respect, it shows masculinity and you can avoid looking like a teenager.



If there is one thing women notice first in men, it is their shoes. Wearing clean and sharp shoes and keeping them in pristine condition by taking care of them show that you have taste and you are very much concerned about looking good. Washing your clothes and ironing your clothes to make them look new is easy but most guys disregard taking care of their shoes. If you aim to dress maturely as we suggested above you will definitely have to do away with sneakers. Not having a pair of quality leather shoes isn’t an option if you are a man who attempts to dress maturely, it is a necessity.




A pair of good shoes will make you look good, will last for a lot of years, requires little maintenance (some light occasional shining and cleaning) and you don’t have to break the bank to get one. You may find some really expensive but if it is quality the comfort and durability pays off. If you are having a hard time adapting to wearing leather shoes, desert shoes are a great way to blend in. They look better than sneakers but not as classy as leather shoes. They are however very comfortable and perfect for casual clothes.



As a man, while growing up you may have at one point or another been obsessed about graphic tees, but you will have to learn to drop them and explore other better options. Boys wear graphic t-shirts all the time. A popular quote says “The way you dress is the way you are addressed.” If you are still wearing clothes like high school boys then you are going to be treated as such.




There are even a set of people who think guys who wear graphic tees are those that have refused to grow up. So drop the graphic tees, dress maturely, dress stylish and get the respect that you deserve.



Jeans have come a long way; with the right combination you can wear them at almost any occasion, anywhere and from morning to night. As long as you are wearing a size and colour that suits you they can make you look amazing. When going out to buy a new pair of jeans, it is advisable that you know your measurement and make sure you buy one that fits you perfectly. Avoid wearing skinny or baggy jeans, or jeans that have big logos on them. Instead go for straight, simple jeans.



When picking out jeans to buy, colour is also an important factor. A jean with a cool colour, dark blue or black for instance, is also a great pick. Avoid flashy colours, ripped jeans or jeans with embellishments. Dark-wash jeans look cooler than another type of jeans and they’ll make a perfect combination with any kind of casual shoe.



Add some variety and style to your clothes by having and alternating between different pairs of jeans, chinos and trousers. Jeans look good but they mostly have the same look. Adding a couple of chinos and pants with cool colours will give you more option when deciding on a dress to pick. When selecting a jean, chinos or a pant, size is also very important. To know the size of pant that is your appropriate size and will fit you, you should take a measurement of your waist. Your pant size is the same as your waist size, and always keep it at the back of your mind that 1 inch is equivalent to 2.54 cm.





If you want to know how to make good use of all the clothes in your closet then you should learn how to layer your clothes. Layering can make a supposedly dull outfit look more interesting. Many guys find layering and combining an appropriate match very hard to do, but it is not really that difficult if you know how to combine clothes and colour well. Just wearing a cool sweater on top of a plain white shirt and jeans can add so much class and style to it.



Layering is not rocket science; it’s a simple fashion move that adds more detail to your dressing to make it more appealing. It allows you play around with clothes and it’ll be great if you learn how to do it properly.



You don’t have to necessarily wear a suit in order to look smart. Wearing clothes that fit you and look smart on you can be the single most important improvement you need to change your style to make you look impeccable. Adding a blazer over a shirt or a tee can immediately give you a smart-casual look. Another fashion mistake commonly made by guys is wearing clothes that don’t fit properly. You should make sure that everything you wear fits you well without being tight. Follow simple fashion rules. Your shoulder line should match with the shoulder line of any jacket or shirt you choose to wear. Pay close attention to the colour of the clothes you pick to wear and combine them properly. If you wear them and you think they don’t look right, there is a very high probability that they really don't. Combine colors that are close together on the color spectrum. Color combinations like purple and green, purple and green, orange and red all make good color combinations.



You should also make it a habit to take good care of your clothes. No matter the effort you will make or the time you will spend you will discover that taking good care of your clothes will be economical at the end and it will save you a lot of money. Once you notice a stain or a tiny tear, wash it off or take care of it immediately. It will prevent you from spending more later.



Putting on accessories is another way to make a dull looking outfit look good. Accessories like belts, wristwatches, eyeglasses, suspenders, ties and pocket squares are great for spicing up your look, but you should always try not to over do them. Belts should match your shoes unless you are putting on a very casual outfit. Accessories are meant to complement your dress. Don’t put on a belt and wear suspenders. Pocket squares and ties don’t necessarily have to match and you should make it a habit to always put on wrist watches.



If you are a guy looking out to be a better dresser and look good then you have to stop looking into the fashion world for advice. Men fashion models are trained to make goofy clothes look fashionable, you should not fall for it. Taking advice from the fashion world is only for guys who are obsessed with fashion. Mainstream fashion trends change very fast and at the end, you will only have a wardrobe filled up with clothes that are outdated.




Focus yourself on getting clothes that look classic and will last you all year round. Buy timeless pieces that will still look good, many years from now. Master the art of classic men’s dressing and you will be a pro in no time.



In an attempt to impress others, many men find themselves wearing clothes that they are not comfortable in and at the end they end up hating themselves. Some men tend to overdo things; just because you have been advised or told that it is fashionable to wear men’s accessories doesn’t mean you should overdo it. You will only end up looking like a clown if you approach it wrongly.

When it comes to men’s dressing being comfortable is not negotiable. You should also strive to look simple, subtle and stylish without making a compromise with your comfort.



In conclusion, start with small steps. However slowly you may seem to improve, with time you will develop your own unique style of dressing. Dress simple and wear clothes that fit. This is a golden rule, it can’t be overstated. The style tips we listed above are not rigid rules, you can practice and play with them till you develop your own unique style of dressing.

You should also learn to accept feedbacks and criticisms on your style of dressing. There are some people who are genuinely trying to help you and you from intuition will know if a feedback is genuine or the person is just trying to bring you down. Pay more attention to the feedbacks you get from ladies, they often tend to give more honest feedbacks and criticism. Also, have it at the back of your mind that developing a sense of style takes time and a lot of experimenting, and during that period you will make mistakes. That shouldn't deter you, instead learn from your mistakes and try new clothes and styles. If you keep working on it, with time you will get there.

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